Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taste of Thailand (and some other stuff)

The Thai stuff is for you, Meghan!!

oh...and And p.s. keep your eyes on Thailand, guys - they're struggling

Fines in Singapore - so Durains (a fruit, in case you didn't know) are SO rank and potent...and you either love em, or hate em. Singapore - no Durains allowed. Also, the hospitals in Thailand don't allow them to be brought in either!

regardless of their stank...I think they are delicious...they're like the texture of an avacado, but creamier...and sweet and almondy...goodness

She let me come to the back to take a picture....such a tourist...


I don't remember the name of these...but they are a specialty that doesn't come on the menu - a lady, when she found out I was wanting to try the best of the city - reccommended these...the owner of the little restaurant was wondering who told us about them, haha...I felt pretty special with the down low, won't lie

Thai curry-crab - awesomely delicious...but not pretty to watch someone eat it. Ivan took pictures of me...but I'm not going to put them up for your sake...your welcome.

Shrimp deep-fried and with can imagine...

Ivan and my coconut drink!!

V & C and some good kind of Thai spicy seafoody soup

Breakfast at the same place that has the different priced English and Cantonese menues...I got them this time though, though the waitress kept pointing to the English price. Not as dumb as I look, folks.
A Chinese Dessert - Actually really cool, it's basically any flavour and water and sometimes, but not usually sugar or something added - but then it's ground up, into water and then put through this machine that layers it super fast into sheets of ice, in a's good for you....?? I think?
Top: Green Tea
Right: my fav - Seseame
Left: mmm Guava
Sushimi salad - Japanese...drink: Green Apple and Mint something

Part of the menu for Hot-Pot...check out the fresh ovary

Birthday Party - and also...the family sitting in the front - cutest kids ever - they never stop moving, such performers...the mother barely had time to eat anything

Top thing - Ox stomach lining!! Doesn't taste like anything; just rubbery

Chinese Hot Pot - cook ANYTHING fresh in three different kinds of soups - soo good and so many random things, I'll post the menu of some of the random stuff in a bit

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