Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best of the West

Sooo...today was the day one of the schools had me put on the "Western Food" theme day for the school and parents!! Honestly...really fun - although I don't know how well I represented Canada...made it sound like we all live in igloos while growing wheat on the prairies. AND I had to sing part of the national anthem, which they wanted played - they yelled at me to sing half-way through AND I had to sing grace...and I definitely started an octive way too high so thank goodness the kids are 4 and the parents won't ever see me again!!

The kid on the right next to glasses was just told we were going to have peas in the noodles (I had the same reaction to that news as he did...I will eat the stuff that I'm posting after this ANY day above peas...unless they are in a samosa or pea soup...I can't explain it)

My translator and I
Fork!! check out the girl in the middle...

2 friends!!
The amount of character in this little guy already is pretty impressive (one of the youngest, at 3 yrs)

Having to stand for the national anthem. Try to pick out the dancers....a minute fifteen is just too long!!
If this doesn't make you happy you're dead inside.
Our typical diet, apparently (there was no mustard, relish or ketchup around, if you were wondering!)

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