Sunday, May 16, 2010


Crab/Oyster (?) eggs...someone's eggs on top of a shrimp/pork wonton thing

Dim Summm -
Red soupy-looking stuff....basically a giant bowl of sweet and sour sauce with squid, shrimp, pineapple, green peppers, and other seafood I couldn't tell dip those big chips in this
Top bread thing - like sweet Chinese Cake
Top egg-looking thing - not an egg...actually really good - a thick dumpling with onion and pork in it
balls closest to bottom - fish balls, you dip them in that sauce on the right which is ground mussles.
Middle white rolls in the soy - rice noodles...sweet with shrimp inside

top right - tofu squares (deepfried with garlic flakes on top)
Chicken feet on the left...I am not a huge fan - but they LOVE them
Veggies at the top...Viv got this for me...she's starting to know...

Okay so this is a dish they make when a baby is born (Eggs for the fertalization??). A woman in the church was celebrating the birth of her Grand daughter so she brought in soo much of this stuff and people went crazy for it. It's eggs and pork and huge slices of ginger in a sweet vinager sauce. I liked the eggs, which is what I am holding right there.
Breakfast this morning - Shrimp/Pork Wonton Soup...full sized fresh shrimp inside

Also, we discovered that the English Menu, which has the exact same items and layout as the Canteniese significantly more expensive than the latter (some Canteniese menu items even had MORE...for less money)....scamming us tourists....probably cuz we are so annoying. But I'll be smarter from now on. No dice am I paying more.

Seaseme Tofu cake (I'm loving this flavour)....we all got cake from the bakery for Jessica's b-day!!

The Second best restaurant in all of Hong Kong (according to Trip Advisor)...and it was Indian...and amazing...and Jessica even got her traditional b-day fish and chips...right fresh from the ocean.
Random and wicked
See - not Ice Cream...some sort of bottom sea creature that was dried in the sun and then fried and speacially prepared for me!!

Best guy ever!!


Nicole said...

Carolyn, it all looks delicious, although I hope your stomachs doing all right too!

thegraylife said...

lol thanks!!'s not, haha...I am just suffering through