Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friends in High Places

A picture with ALL of our eyes open... ;) Julia

Drying in the sun

More fishermen

It literally is Everywhere...

Sick and pretty hardcore guardians

Us and the crabs (you have to look closely) giving peace signs

I wish I could transfer all that is going on over here to you so that you all could understand what I am feeling and experiencing truly and so differently for the first time in my life. It’s all so new – not just the culture, but my relationship with the man upstairs is drastically changing…for the better. I’ll say it again…I wish you all were here and seeing it all with me. Because it’s friggin awesome. Not to say that you can’t have this awesomeness in your own lives… I just wish my words and pictures could communicate EVERYthing, because I care so much about all of you guys and want share it all with you. Dozens of “little” “random” things from the past few months (years) are beginning very quickly to not seem so random. I know most of it is meant to be for me personally, which is great…I just wish you could know. Because I want to share it with those I care about... I am learning so much…sometimes hard lessons…but stuff I’ve never thought of before in ways I never imagined… and trust me when I say I think about you guys like ALL the time…and for those of you who message me and it takes time getting back to you – I’ll repeat again, it doesn’t mean I don’t care!! It’s just been crazy busy and that will continue…so be patient with me – I haven’t forgotten, and won’t stop thinking about you.

I will not share everything with you now. I am going to wait till more comes to fruition – if it comes to fruition…but stuff will. Something tells me things are happening beyond my control (which is odd how okay I am with that)…everything is fitting together so randomly and perfectly…it is weird, and it is awesome. Once again…these details are impossible to share fully, I could write for days…and I don’t have days to write…you’ll just have to trust me on this and wait for me to tell you the big stuff (and watch my food diaries in the mean time…I have a large 5CP entry on its way).

Update on the last few days: a wicked-awesome girl I met a few weeks ago at Coffee Culture (most amazing place)/Embassy(wicked)/View from Here(love it), Julia, saw in my facebook status the changes in my trip, and was able to meet up! Which was sweet because I have unfortunately been unable to arrange meeting up with Shannon; no matter what we tried it just didn’t seem meant to be. And I have been wanting someone to travel with – though I would do it on my own – company is always desired (shout-out to Meghan! We planned that part for a reason!). …And I am not meeting up with Carissa for a couple of weeks…so seeing a somewhat familiar face (feels familiar already  ) was definitely needed, appreciated…and although they (a girl named Jessica traveling with Julia) left this morning…we’ve got some sneaking suspicions it won’t be the last time we hang out. I am keeping secrets from you guys.

Essentially, I need you to keep messaging me – they are so encouraging, and funny, and make me miss you all but love you even more…and keep praying for me because it’s obvious you have been, and TRUST me it’s working – like you don’t even know. Don’t stop… ( - “believing”...baha, don’t judge me). I can’t be afraid of what’s coming next, but at the same time I need to constantly balance spontaneity with rational thought, and the knowledge and willingness to work hard no matter what happens. Where is the line between responsibility and taking leaps of faith?? I’ll have to tell you after the fact…cuz right now I am figuring things out as I go…

I love you and I miss you and need you in my life. Thanks all for your constant support and interest…I really hope this blog is doing something for you – if anything letting you know that we may be miles a part…but we need each other.

Wow, how many times can I say that I need/love/miss you in one blog?? I am turning into an emo. Must stop now.

Good bye.

(kidding – I still need/love/miss you ALL…and don’t think that you are not included when I say “you”…if you’re reading this…I mean YOU)

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