Saturday, May 8, 2010

Me, Myself, and 700 Million Strangers

Day 4 into travel log. Hot and Humid = Hong Kong… Hair = Afro. Here I sit, chillin with a Guava Shake-thing, taking a break from working on my itinerary. It has been one hell of a week.

For those of you wondering why I haven’t transferred over to the T-land by this point, here’s the scoop… Due to the political unrest in Thailand and Cambodia, Meghan and I’s long-anticipated trip was cancelled completely last Saturday morning. After weighing all the options and pro’s and con’s for the both of us, my Aunt and Uncle gave me a contact (an old friend of theirs from when they lived here) in Hong Kong, and long story short, Monday I found out I was welcome, and Wednesday I flew to HK, arriving at 6am on Friday morning.

The past two days has involved meeting a few people from one of Hong Kong's Salvation Army Groups who I will be working with over the next couple of weeks teaching English and taking care of the wee ones; taking a million pictures; eating everything I am not supposed to (and kind of loving it…and then hating it…but still loving it); meeting my new roommate Vivian; and moving into my current location – her apartment.

The rest of my schedule is tentative. I have an opportunity to join a high school group from an International High School in Beijing who are working on a Habitat for Humanity China build: the teachers want me to come and help the students fine-tune their English as well as “mentor” them, as they are apparently in some sort of international class, and the teachers are curious about my interest in Global affairs and my intentions/desires in studying such related material…so that’s pretty sweet and will be happening later on in the month. Hopefully this whole experience will solidify my academic decisions! The rest of the trip is still up in the air and we will be working it out over the next few days so stay posted!

Oh but tomorrow I know I am going to the church service with the SA – English translation - ?!?

For those of you who donated and are wondering what’s happened to your funds, I will be sending out a letter soon (or when I return?) to explain how that will work. Basically your money is not transferable to the new HfH China build that I am doing, as different countries’ branches of HfH International operate as separate entities from one another, and therefore disallow the transfer of funding between them for donation/tax purposes – but no fear! I will explain how it will be sorted out soon enough. Your generosity will not be going to waste, I assure you!

8 months to plan Thailand. 2 days to prepare for Hong Kong. Give me time – the Big Man upstairs and I are sorting it out – He’s probably the only reason I am not freaking out yet after all this spontaneity…but I shouldn’t speak to soon, just wait till I wake up one morning in shock that I am wrapped in a Monchhichi blanket, laying on a Monchhichi pillow (I’ll show you pictures of Vivian’s apartment…you’ll understand), on a sofa belonging to a semi-unfamiliar face – and wondering how on earth got myself onto the opposite side of the planet. I guess I’ll only be able to blame myself. We’ll wait to see what happens…

Some random observations thus far:
- Mickey Mouse runs basically shizer here.
- A traditional table custom – constantly filling up everyone’s tea cups to the brim – not just yours – it would be unthinkable to just refill your own
- They sell porn like EVERYWHERE…it’s completely in your face – I can’t walk down the street without feeling guilty
- Monchhichi, Hello Kitty, and Winnie the Pooh are Mickey’s Side Kicks
- I freaking love English!! Honestly - a moment of silence.

…I hope the pictures are more interesting than my ramble…I miss you guys!!

Love to everyone back home!! I miss you more than you know and it’s only day 4!


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