Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Edible Happiness...part of the 5'C's

FOOD: essential to life and culture. The food with Vivian is Shanghai food (I am hoping to go there, but we'll see), I have to get the names of the dishes from her later...but honestly...and I know I am not a picky eater - but this was *muah!* - incredible.

p.s. I am pretty freaking awesome with chopsticks. Well…I’m almost on par with the 4-year-olds at the school…but trust me, they're good.

by the way, I am not cheating here! Vivian was using a fork, I swear. I could have even used my hands and it would've been appropriate.

Red Bean Dumping's - V's favourite dessert

Okay. Bottom Left: Cold Jelly Fish (Prob not for everyone, but honestly good)

Top left - this was my favourite dish of the meal...with thin rice noodles on the bottom, thin chicken slices, and cucumber drenched in soy and seseame/peanut sauce
Middle: Shanghai noodles
Top right: some sort of Dumplings, I forget the name, but basically you bite a whole in the top, suck out the soup inside, and then eat it!

The owner brought these over without even asking. He was impressed when I didn't use them! Not your average white girl.

Dinner a couple of nights ago. Notice the octopus/squid (?)...well I didn't see him until right before he landed in my mouth. That was fun...and tasty.

Many combos don't come with a drink, but soup...this is some sort of seaweed soup.
Not the End! Hopefully much more food to come!

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