Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ladies Market

Fun Fact: I learned today from Vivian that not only is there Mochhichi paraphenilia all over her apartment, but hidden within these boxes in her little office are over 200 collectable M-dolls. No word of a lie. Her goal is to one day (when she owns a house), have a room with a glass floor, and put all the dolls under the glass on the floor!!

My first encounter with a Mochhichi store (although I am practically staying in one in V's apartment lol
Mike-Jack as Mochhichi
This is Carolyn
You know who this is by now :)
Shrines are all over private businesses

The Restaurant where we ate - this time local HK food!

The big vats are making jelly...usually served as a dessert in tons of different forms and flavours

The crowd facing the left hand side are watching a giant screen playing a sing-a-long version of "we will rock you" by an asian band...pretty hard core

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