Thursday, May 13, 2010

5CP Alert!!

Alrighty then: Tonight we went to the "Women's Night Market" and Vivian took me to her favourite local HK food restaurant. So cheap, so yummy.
The yellow boal contains fish balls with rolled rice noodles sitting in a mixture of soy sauce and peanut sauce with sweet sauce on the side and sprinkled with seaseme!
Top Left: sticky Rice surrounding this dried and fluffed sweet pork sounds and looks revolting...but is really good!!...wrapped up like a burrito too
The left hand fried stuff is some sort of local vegitable that I don't know the English name for, as well as fried tofu, as well as two fried fish balls (balls of ground fish - not the testicles from male fish - stop giggling, Dan!).
The other dish is a soup with fish (the white stuff) and a bunch of random shit...also very good when you add sesame oil and hot sauce.
Topped off with a glass of fresh soy milk!!
Oh and F.Y.I. this all cost less than 5 Canadian dollars.

Bakerys liked this all over and are constantly buzzing and making everything fresh...usually you can see into the open kitchen's at the back where they are slaving away pumping out fresh baked goods...most of them renditions of Western stuff but with Asian Red Bean Cake and Green Tea Cheese Cake and Tazo pie, etc.

My very first Egg Tart - a common dessert in HK...the nursery had this at Tea Time today especially so I could try :) and fresh from the closest Bakery

Also made so I could try at Tea Time.....Sweet Potato soup - It's a dessert...and yes, Nicole - I got the recipe so we can make this at home cuz it's soo easy! <>

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