Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Symphony of Lights - The Largest Daily Outdoor Light Show to Music in the World (The ONLY Daily Outdoor Light Show to Music in the World??)

Vivian! Wicked taste in food. You'll see.

This is where I volunteer...kidding, Mom!

Lights, Lights, and more Lights!

This is me chilling in Front of a Hotel where a Standard room costs over 4,000 a night and the Penthouse a mere 40 G's. I was stalling because I want to catch whoever's staying in that room and ask them if they wouldn't mind paying for my education too and go home one night early!! Help a sista out!

The tall building on the left is the tallest building in HK. Viv tells me that one square foot costs 10,000 HKD to rent a month....which is equivelant to around 1350.00 CAN...per square foot...a month.

Light show!!

I love this. Once again, notice that no flash photography necissary though it was 9 at night!! I also wanted to get a better shot, but my camera was misbehaiving unfortunately :(. Maybe I'll go back.

One of the first Brit buildings...I think around the Opium era with the evolution of the harbour in HK...but I could be wrong.

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