Monday, May 10, 2010

More random cultural/life observations from the past few days...

- Thai-chi regardless of time/weather/age/location – really cool and only annoying when done in the middle of the sidewalk
- New favourite: Kaya – try it…it’s like a spread but made from coconut – excellent on toast, and used in pastries that I can only assume would be pretty fantastic
- Also, Sesame desserts. Preferably deep-fried…but “healthier” option is also always welcome
- Feeling more and more like a foreigner - I may fit in by the way I dress, but not only the language difference, frequent wide-eyed gaze of a newbie, and my whiteness on a whole make me stand-out - but the self realization of my foreignness reached its height when I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when I noticed the glowing green starbucks sign in the distance and reached the back of the line at starbucks behind the only two Caucasian people (business men) in the Olympian Mall. Nothing like a little taste of home when you’re the stranger.
- Oh and for the roommies – I’ve had no choice but to eat copious amounts of rice, milk in my coffee most days, and constant gluten. You can start doing the math.

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