Thursday, June 17, 2010


Explanation below...

I made them pose asian style

Japanese Tea Ceremony with Matcha tea - delicious and fresh

Cutting the meat for us..

Tofu factory/store!!

For the Miso stock

Shaving a was literally like a hard piece of drift takes 6 months for this fish to dry out in the sun!

Making the Japanese word for "cute little balls"

Cutting more rice ...gently, gently, as I was constantly reminded..



One of my favourite parts of traveling, and the type of experiences that have been pleasant, unplanned surprises over this trip, has been to spend time within the homes of locals...and of course, eat with them.

A we were looking into finding a cooking school/course that offered sushi classes to "wide-eyed" foreigners like us - (that's actually when the boys in the local schools call us white we're not the only ones with racial nick-names and gestures for others...I think it's kinda funny)...anyways, so the sitch was looking pretty hopeless as every tour was for the rich and rizty couples including fancy tours and kitchens...BUT we found a random woman who, after attempts to track her down, was actually able to fit us in last minute to a morning sushi class.

SO, we were able to learn how to make sushi, with tips from her for white-people ingredient substitutes, just the three of us and her home!! We did the Japanese tea ceremony and the works, making miso soup, sweet salad, tofu, and Tamari sushi (octopus, yellow-tale, Benito, Roe (huge and delicious), shrimp, and scallops)!!

Honestly...sooo much fun!

So...our desires were fulfilled and so were our stomachs....and now...Saki time!

Sushi parties and dates in the loo upon arrival...


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