Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A week and a half condensed

"No Strinding" - we wouldn't dare

On the two-day train to Tibet!! We made some great friends... I have about ten million pictures of the view...but there are too many for me to look through right now!!

The J-bird shakin' her thang

Traditional Tibeten Yak! mmmm..

Tibeten dancing

I wish this wasn't blurry!!...that's where the Dali Lama would live....also, I have better quality day pictures of it...but just with me alone, so this one is more fun

Our guide, Ashley - BEST guide ever!!

Check out the altitude!! over 5 km UP!! it even started SNOWING while we were there!!

Prayer flags...out of control.. looks like Spiderman threw-up...


Capsule in Tokyo!! WICKED

Capsules!! ...getting ready for the Japanese bath...

In Tokyo..over 800 000 people cross here everyday!!

You have NO Idea how much we wanted to see sumo wrestlers, as it's out of season - but as we were leaving...we were in luck!!

The Japanese know how it's done


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