Tuesday, June 15, 2010


New friends with Jamie Fox in the Himalaya's ...nbd.

Alright, soo...

This is not an official post about a particular time/place/thing..but I just wanted to give a little update saying I am back in blogging/FB territory for a few days!

I am hoping to be able to post a couple of entries regarding the jam-packed past week and a half...but no promises! Though they WILL come soon...and we've got some great stories, so I hope when you check in I'll be able to keep your attention for a little while.

Breif update on the itinerary:

Last Saturday I traveled to meet Jules and Jess in Chengdu on the Sunday...spent a couple of days there and saw the Panda reserve/wandered the city...saw a massive and eerie statue of Mao..

Took the two-day train to Lhasa, Tibet then spent two and a half days there that I will never, ever, ever forget.

Flew towards Tokyo, spending a good day in transfers and delays - but all fun airport gallevanting...

Now am sitting in Kyoto having the first coffee in what feels like a very long time (a week? I'm so proud of myself ;)), having just spent a day and a bit in Tokyo, where we MAXED out the city!! Some goodies there...

And now we wait to see what will come in beautiful Kyoto over the next couple of days, after that we take the boat from Osaka to Shanghai and chill out at the Expo for a couple of days, then head to Beijing for just under a week - and then sadly part ways where I head off to Greece for four days then to Macedonia for the long-antipated HfH Build (!!). After that, I'll begin the four day trek home where I'll get the chance to spend a day wandering and taking in Mumbai (B-town, what-up??), and eventually work my way as cheap as possible back to the T-dot and then eventually back to the lovely Loo.

Once again, loving you all from an international location - never forgetting but living it up here...trying to not take these blessings for granted.

Always count the B's and say "remember when" for the good times...and look ahead to the craziness to come. THINK big.

thoughts, hearts, hugs, high fives, peace signs, everything hippie & emo & hardcore gangsta, and prayers...


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