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Through Insignificant Eyes

May 14, 2011
So here we are, once again people watching - though this time I write to you from very different settings than before.
I was considering not blogging this trip, but after some requests (yes, people other than Mom ;)), and a few meandering thoughts, I chose to keep it up.  Even if I end up writing for myself (I am aware of the emo rep that "boggers" have), then read what or what not you will! Regardless there are pictures for those less fond of words.
Nicole is my current partner in crime as we make our way through Dublin, London (and Sheffield <3), Paris, rural France to WWOOF, Barcelona, Madrid, and finally Brussels - a "grad" (both of us smarty-pants are taking a fifth part-time year) trip itinerary that has been years in the making.  Due to some last minute changes in plans, in June I will head to western Canada to the Rockies (briefly); to Northern Alberta to see family and friends and get a taste for the sustainable life; Greyhounding to Winnipeg for more wondeful family visits; and then hopping on another bus headed straight for Uni Ave, Waterloo.
In airport, woo!
As for this post's title, it stems from thoughts that have been increasingly swirling around me for the past year or so (our landing in Ireland was alsmost a year to the day of my whirlwind venture to Asia and Greece/Macedonia lqst year).  I have these weird opposing brainwaves of grasping both the vastness of our world and yet seing how small and connected we are - so similar to one another yet unique and flowing and changing from one to the other.  More and more the contrast of realizing my own place as an insignificant speck of history against grasping the significance of my own story (and simultaniously learning the importance of other's uniqueness) has been quite wonderful and has caused me to learn and be open constantly.  I may be nieve in saying so, but I hope you see the significance of yours.

Europe has been interesting thus far. As I see things much from the perspective from the way an English/Global Studies degree has taught me, I cannot help but analyze these fascinating cities, which encompass some of the best of history and some of the worst from past and current conquest...though such eyes my inner confliction and life questions are not answered in the least (I secretly revel in the constant state of new question marks and few certanties). Beauty always seems to have a twinge of bitter.  Humanity has not changed - aren't we silly?  "The Glories of France" that we encountered yesterday at the infamously stunning Versailles is speckled with statues praising the body and human condition yet was built without true appreciation for all human life; on the money of the starving, and furnished with stolen trophies. Yet in its gardens we sit and ponder life, having a wonderful day in the sun... while others are not so fortunate... hmmm.. appreciate in the blessing but know where this life is still thirsting for such fortune...

Today we scamper off to rural France - away from the cities and into the country for a while :).  I will let you know how WWOOFing (finally!) goes!!

Keep it snazzy,

Burdocks Fish & Chips - best in Dublin, so they say

Door Heaven in Dublin
cool like that
Friends in Sheffield - Chloe and Mikey, friends you may recognize from pics from the conference in Palestine! <3
The Biggest Ben
Not so cool like that
Honey Cake from a pro-russian. Cannot express the wonder of this cake. I will say that we trekked back the next day though just for it, only to have a waitor insist that although we loved it we were missing out because the russian changed the recipe from the previous BETTER honey cake. He was determined to steal our joy.
Picidilly Circus and floral!!
St. James Park, exoctic birds everywhere, as desired by the previous monarchy... including exotic Canadian Geese!!
Buckingham Palace
I was annoyed, they wouldn't stay still - just my luck.
Westminster Abby!!
Bringing the Loo to London!!
Cheap lunch in basement with friends :)
Engligh poetry in the English park
I provoked a pigeon fight... Nicole was not so impressed...
Unimpressed with me.

Notre Dame

Inside ND

Triumphant Arch

Epic Meal Time at the Eiffel Tower (I will add for all concerned, I only had bites of the bad stuff ;) I've been good, I swear!!!

Sacre Ceoure

Sacre Ceoure again...




it's a big deal.

I think this is a bigger deal.

Versailles - "The Glories of France"

not too shabby of a bedroom...

A regular Versailles cowboy.

Nicole, Lovin' life

Look away, Children!!

lambs at Versailles - a grand discovery :)

Paris - lovers lock their names to this bridge

WWOOFing stories to come... and trust me... they are worth your while... picture over-the-line Hippies in the middle of nowhere for a week...

Au Revoir!!

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