Monday, May 30, 2011

Flying and Bussing by the Seats of our (my infamously ripped) Pantalons

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I can't tell you how much I love this picture - makes me simultaniously happy and horrified ... cute/scary Sheep that we gardened right beside all week.  They kept us in line.
First - WWOOFing (working on Organic farms) stories to come - they deserve special attention, so this post must not be rushed.  This picture demonstrates a hint of our feelings towards our arch nemisis: Nettles.  More pictures including mini-caravans, interpretive dancing, a live version of beloved and simple Forrest, and over-the-line hippies are on the agenda.

Hola from Edinburgh, Scotland!!

Change in plans! Barcelona was sunny and full of friends and sangria and beachy, beautiful, Gaudi fun, and after deciding that Madrid's high life was just not our thing, Nicole and I rerouted to a place a little more chummy - Edinborough and back to Dublin in a few days where we'll be flying home in a matter of less than a week!

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking as they only say things in groups of a thousand words a piece, and goodness knows I write much more than that ;),

p.s., AND, stay posted for my fam/friend jam next week when I head to the mountains and bus back across the beautiful countryside of Canada visiting Lake Louise; Northern Alberta to my Auntie Bev and Uncle Ben's sustainable house down the road that leads to no where (literally! although now I guess it leads somewhere :)) (as well as cousins, including Erin, who's amazing blog and research about the modern day slave trade I will link you too soon); visiting John and Ashley Moore friends who got married a couple of years ago (can't believe it has been that long already) and took off that way; reuniting with last year's Macedonia Habitat team; and countinuing on the Greyhound to Auntie Laurie and Uncle Jim's home in Winnipeg before coming back home finally!

Main Courtyard in Dijon, France, we SWEAR Beauty and the Beast's scene where Belle goes through the town singing with all the village people is from this courtyard.
Mystery that needs to be solved: what does the Dijon Owl mean?!  It was EVERYWHERE but the Frenchies wouldn't explain it to us.
Nicole's Second Epic Meal Time

I don't know what this is, but thought it was cool. Probably uncomfortable, but alas, this is the price of cool..

French woman.

Art on Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

Gaudi design of street lamp, he is like a national symbol here...amazing story, which I'll explain further below...

Barcelona boats :)

Nicole and our Yacht - bahaha.... So I wanted this guy to take a picture of us in front of the cute old boats behind us, but he was pretty insistant on framing us in front of this fancy, overpriced boat haha... I let it go.

"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class" ;)

Best job ever? I have a picture of the Beach Doughnut man selling his goods to a line of fully sun-bathing women showing their goods, and completely loving his chosen vocation, but I chose to keep the blog pg

The Sagrada Familia, One of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen. So Gaudi was Spain's greatest architect, was in the top of aristocratic and uppity society in his 30's, got to know God quite durastically from being a staunch athiest, and then renounced all of his posessions and became an incredibly humble man, while maintaining his career.  The way he died, was from an accidental Tram accident which hit him, and he could have been spared, but passersby wouldn't help him because they didn't recognize him as Spain's greatest architect and thought he was a poor, homeless man.  He, who could have lived if he recieved help, died because people prioritized their days around the physical appearance of who is important, and who just isn't worth their time of day... crazy..

Still under construction for over a hundred years (I think), scheduled for another couple of decades...



KEEGAN... love from Waterloo... strangly missing Huether and work... and then realized we were over it, because we were on the beach in Barcelona... ;) <3 love to the homes in patio season...soontime

More Gaudi... Park Guiell... amazing!



Okay so this will make Julia very happy.  Here is an Asian woman (all love, I feel after last summer that we are somehow in an understanding with each other) dancing her hard out, in her tight pants, vizor, and bright pink shoes, to spanish music in the park, grabbing the reluctant child's hand beside her very often...if only we could all be that free... maybe it's a good thing we're not...

Cool house

Churro!! Yum!

Bus over to the UK... inside a train! funfunfunfun
First attempt at finding good mushy peas... we will do it...
Edinburugh Castle!

I think I have actually fallen in love with this city...

Basically a pirate tour guide... he was great, argh!

A heart that is where the tax booth used to be, common practice on the street is to spit, or do other things, on the heart to show distain for the authorities.  One guy apparently proposed to his future wife on this heart... rookie mistake...

Scotland trip wouldn't be complete without bagpipes


Hogwart's inspiration...

Look up Edinburgh's Bobby the dog story - the cutest, most loyal dog... sat at his master's grave everyday, without fail, for 14 years... the community feeding him and taking care of him at night.

Where J.K. Rowling's ideas landed on many many sheets of paper.


Haggis - Yes, it IS good!! ....look up the ingredients... if you dare...

The original Mac building for Edinburgh, the council denied Bill Gates from building his usual Mac building, so he stript the inside of this old building to building his on the inside, a meter in around the inner perimeter... only to move out 5 years later... leaving it a very difficult building to now rent out...

Edinburgh's sky line at night...

Yes, Scotland has a quarter of its own Parthenon

A third sighting of Mushy peas... we don't suspect these were much better... but we will succeed, as per Edward's insistance that they are good.

Royal Shoes on the Royal Mile

Our hostel. Kidding (well almost, considering one in particular that we stayed in)... this is a prison from the castle.

*sigh*.... oh, my guy Deacon...

Jesus as a gardener, love it!

Dolly - clone sheep, stuffed... creepy!

Edinburgh Castle, hardcore part of the inspiration for Harry Potter


Chris Gray said...

Steve Jobs, Carolyn, not Bill Gates, STEVE JOBS!! :P

Lizzie said...

Hi, looks like you haven't posted in a couple of years so you probably won't see this, but thought I'd ask just in case. I'm making a video for an online charity event to raise money for a charity (Room to Read). I came across this page looking for a backdrop for a puppet theatre thing we're doing of that scene in Beauty and the Beast, and I'm wondering if there's any chance I could use your photo (third one down in this post)? I would include credit in the video description.