Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm a Noob.

Come with me…

I’m finding it hard to read what I read and know what I may or may not know, and sit still.

…I’m wrestling with my some stuff right now – you may or may not relate, but that’s cool.

First – I’m an amateur in most/all senses of the word.

Deux – I love academics but cannot just read and think without doing. I get passionate and angry and antsy.

Tres – I’ve already made it clear the financial strain this whole deal puts on me (like seriously), and my struggle with figuring out what self-sacrifice is “worth it” in the long run… moneymoneymoney.

Essentially, obviously I am no academic, journalist, expert – anything.  But as friends, professors, parents, strangers, classmates, etc... have told me…that’s OK.

Say what? :O Craaaaazy. Genius… told ya I was a noob. ;) (sometimes we have to make fun of ourselves a little, eh?)

Everyone has to start somewhere…

Here’s the deal.

I know very little about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – okay, I know a lot more about it than I did 6 months ago, but seriously, obviously there is still/always so much to know.  But it’s struck a chord.

I'm inviting YOU.

Many of you have expressed similar situations to mine – where you don’t know much about the situation in the Middle East (and there are MANY reasons for why you don’t know, but I’ll get into that later, I’m sure :))…once again…

That’s OK!


So.  All I ask is that if you care enough to occasionally or faithfully follow a newbie – a white Canadian girl’s journey of learning (with two friends and company :)) … learn with me.

… I’ll try to be as unbiased as objective as I can – I promise, but it will still be personal; a perspective – it will be my reactions (hopefully edited to keep this family friendly), my thoughts, mixed in with thoughts and stories of the various people I meet while overseas.

This is my journey to get to know today… to attempt to get to know what’s really going on in our world that we are a part of and connected too.  This is my journey, taking the only thing I have – my own set of knowledge, and being open to learning about not another world, but a different part of our world.

This is our journey…

Join me?

All I ask is that you read, listen, humour, forgive me.  If you feel so inclined I LOVE it when you message, challenge, critique, yell at, laugh with me.

As Because We Can gets fully underway…learn a little with us… no pressure… whether you know a lot, a little, a nadda, everyone has to start somewhere…

Join us for the ride.

I’ll keep ya posted.

C (aka Nublet)

(p.s. e-mail subscription makes this easier for keeping in touch :) (left hand-side of the blog ;))

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