Monday, July 19, 2010

2 Trains; 6 Planes; 4 Days

Alright dearest friends and family and random strangers....

SO after completing the second HfH build on my itinerary, I have finally, after all this gallevanting.. began the long trek to the one place in the world I want to be RIGHT now....home.

After the team said their goodbyes on Saturday at various points throughout the night depending on departure times, I left for the train back to Thessoloniki, where I transferred to another train to bring me to Athens at 11 pm.  The morning train was late by 2 hours, which actually ended up working out to my advantage as I arrived in perfect time to buy my next ticket, buy some juice, pee, and board the train for Athens, with no waiting around.  And I even got to share a car with an old woman who accepted an orange slice from me and in return fed me LOTS of homemade cherry pound cake stuff.  Apparently, the guy next to me told me that the Macedonians have a custom that if you reject anything offered from a young girl she won't get married, and so even though the woman HATED oranges, she ate it for me anyway... so we laughed and I said I was very grateful ....but truthfully I think I was more grateful for the cake, which was amazing and kept me well fed enough that I didn't have to spend money on food ;).

From the train I took a cab and then a bus straight to the airport, where I hobo-style spent the night, being woken up amoung a crowd of people by an airport worker trying to shake me awake so that I wasn't taking up the extra seat I was curled in fetal position on... waiting around for my 3pm flight out of Athens.

Here's the sched  (and TRUST me, we had a team of a few of us trying to get me home and this was the best and cheapest way possible...)

Athens to Bahrain
Bahrain to Mumbai
17 hours wait in Mumbai Airport during the day (not allowed to leave :( so I'll have to get creative with ways of occupying time..)
Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur back to beloved HK
Hong Kong to TORONTO arriving at 6pm on Wednesday (but midnight here in a full 4-day journey)
Toronto to b-dot
Brampton to Waterlooo....?? don't know when..

Needless to say your thoughts and prayers are not only welcome but BEGGED for...a lot of these flights are pretty close together, so delays or hold ups for some would wreak havoc on getting me back...which honestly...I can't wait to be home right now... let alone the fact that I'll be wanting a bed and a shower after all this... and of course, priorities: a Timmies...

The build was awesome in so many ways that I didn't expect.  The team was actually the most random bunch of characters on the planet, with varying ages, personality types, ...mental states... so on one hand the two weeks were difficult for me as I struggled with connecting to people while anticipating being home finally, but on the other was incredible as I shared my story with sooo many different people, and in return received the stories from multiple walks of life that I wouldn't normally encounter back in my student life at least not to the extent of spending 24/7 with such indiviuals...

Anyways, I'm lacking some serious sleep, and hope that didn't come out too much in this post...once again, I'm going to be lazy with the editing as the computer time is limited...and so is my mental capacity for forming proper sentances or spell checking.

The Best is Yet to Come....I actually can't wait for all the things that will go down this coming year as I meet all of you again (GAH like you don't even know how much I miss you guys)....and prepare for another year...

email me whenever you get the chance... I like jokes.  Preferably cheesy ones and/or ones that are NOT politically correct.

love from Europe, then from Middle East, then from Asia....then from home...


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