Thursday, January 20, 2011

With My Own Eyes...

News and Movies, yay!

Weeell, we are back! I’ve been a little M.I.A. from the blog for a while, but am waking up early from wintery hibernation and am now counting down the days…

In exactly one month from today I will be heading to Bethlehem for a peace-building conference.  We will be diving into learning about Palestinian Liberation Theology as we dig deeper into the complexities of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and our role in its possible resolution.  (…getting excited! :D)

This trip (which is being funded for me by WLU <3) is an essential step for me in preparation for this coming summer as a part of our Because We Can project.  We are now diving full force into the planning process of our upcoming bike tour across Canada to raise awareness about our role as Canadians in such a prevalent issue as this.  My personal experience with this conflict over the last seven months has involved a wave of emotions - from intellectual frustration through trying to understand, absorb, and pass along the vast amount of information, to learning how to emotionally deal with the stories, interviews, images, and realities of those directly involved, etc..  But it has been incredible, and I know will continue to be as I move forward.

This is where I want to encourage you to learn a little (lot ;)).  If you don’t know much about the conflict (something we as Canadians ARE financially and politically supporting directly, in case you were unaware), then don’t be daunted by not knowing where to begin.

I would encourage and ask you to check out “Occupation 101”, a documentary that sums up the conflict and will really help you grasp the basic truths and foundation for Palestinian-Israeli realities. Not only do I encourage you, but also ask that you watch it – especially those of you who are supporting our project, because we need the backing and understanding with that support of those who are sending us off.

We will be updating you soon about the progress we have made thus far, and about our more concrete upcoming plans and ways in which you can be involved, so stay posted for that! The pot is brewing much…

Other than waiting on more exciting BWC news, please keep this journey I am personally going to be making in mind… I always appreciate everyone’s support in what I am doing and learning – but I am not just doing it for my own understanding, but yours as well!  So for the sake of being a member of this global community – which you are whether you like it or not :)… I press again to learn, and a great starting place is through a film such as the one I am passing along (though there are MANY other great resources, just ask if you are interested :) or check out our website (link at the top left hand corner under the blog’s title)).

Crazy year ahead, hope you all see your/our significance in the little things while aiming for big change. I can’t believe I am going to quote High School Musical, but… “We’re all in this together” (I think I’ll look up some more quotes just so I don’t have to quote Disney ever again on my blog! ;))

In Peace,


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