Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Return Home…

So we are still in the pre-preliminary stages of our journey across Canada – our journey to spread life, break down some walls of ignorance with a large smidgen of common sense… and mush some love in and around it all.

After traveling for the first time together this past weekend to and from Boston, my own experience in this journey has taken a new turn. Not only did I begin to feel the common thread of pain that weaves through those who have already become aware of this plight, but also after flying back and reflecting on American-Canadian comparisons, I was reminded of what my heart cries out to see in these nations.

Slight side-note to point out - I must say it was incredible to see just how blessed we were in and around the city - through ridiculous amounts of free amazing, P-buttery food, the most randomly entertaining friends and company (providing philosophical conversations, memories of dancing shaman ghost dances, sharing massive amounts of old man clothes, etc.), family reunions, refreshing amounts of laughter – !! What a wicked taste of things to come...

BUT on top of all that...how sweet it felt to return to my little shotty bed, to our little student community – to my little home that means SO much to me… after only four days of being away – makes me think… how nice home is…

Not only did this little mini-adventure solidify the three of us (so much the same and yet so distinctly different; a little normal and a lot crazy all mashed together) being put with one another for great purpose(s)… but our flame for the desire of Because We Can was re-fanned.  What began for me as a calling to join alongside passionate friends, support the building of peace in the world, and bringing education and community across such a thirsty nation stacked with potential, has morphed into a personal passion… not something I’m just joining because I know it’s the "right thing" to fight for, but because I couldn't see myself pushing for anything else right now...

I return home to study this cause (as I type that I am reminded that there are SO many other things I should be writing right now...but I don't care, I'll write to you instead haha), to work for it, to speak with the voices already crying out.  I return home - we return home, and I realize just how lucky we are to be able to do so.

Let’s bring ‘em home, guys!

p.s. many of you have been asking about how you can help out or contribute, and we are working on that so stay tuned!!  In the mean time, keep us in your hearts – there is still a monstrous amount to do and learn - your constant support is never unappreciated.

Stay tuned for…
-       “Because YOU Can” list
-       Recording of Brendan’s song about Palestine

Sweet, sweet dreams,

(that's for you, Brendan!)

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Erin said...

Hey Cousin... wow it's been decades since we've even seen each other. Mom (Auntie Bev) keeps me updated about you... I think it's time we talked. :)

I'm an abolitionist... much of what you're saying totally echoes with me.

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